Dear Customers,



Technetics Group “Technetics” and VALQUA, LTD “Valqua” hereby announce that they have reached an agreement to terminate the joint venture company, Garlock Valqua Japan, Inc. on June 30, 2019.



Since its formation and commencement of business in September, 2006, Garlock Valqua Japan, Inc has been providing the high-performance metal sealing solution in Japan. However this Joint Venture tends to not align with the specific business needs of Valqua and Technetics. Therefore both companies concluded to support their product through their own business channel in Japan starting the 1st of July 2019.



Technetics and Valqua will directly provide its products and services with seamless support. However, in order to prevent any confusion or concern for your current or future business, please contact us directly.



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